Ethical Real Estate Investing in 2008 – Profitable, While Helping Others in Hard Times

Ethical investing is a bit of a buzz word. Get ethical and make money. However when you look behind the buzz there are powerful reasons why you should consider ethical real estate investing in 2008 as one of the best investments you can own. Because ethical real estate investing is still investing, and you need to make a good profit. Ethical investing should be high profit investing so that everyone, including the investor, wins.

Real estate investing in 2008? Haven’t you got to be kidding I hear you ask? Real estate investing in 2008 is dead. Prices are crumbling and real estate can’t be given away. There’s Florida McMansions on eBay for starting bids of $1.

Don’t let that put you off, real estate investing in 2008 is alive and well, if you do it right. Note I said that have to do it right. If you don’t then you can get burned.

Can you do it right on your own? Yes, if you’re really good at it. However there’s a far better way to do it through a publicly traded US company run by one of Americas most respected businessmen, investing in socially conscious real estate.

Socially conscious real estate investing? What’s that?

I’d like to show you one of the best ethical real estate investments that you can own in these hard times.

It’s ethical real estate investing that offers benefits to other people as well as the investor, specifically the people who live in the investment properties and the community.

Let me explain further. One of the best real estate investment opportunities is investing in average homes for average Americans in who live in average suburbs in those cities that go together to make up our country. Homes with values of $100,000 or less, that millions of people live in right now. Homes that are STILL in demand even in the middle of the credit crunch, because – people still need to live in them.

Imagine a company that selects the most promising suburbs for investments, buys large numbers of homes in those suburbs from government our councils at well below market, invests in those suburbs by building social resources like parks and playgrounds and other improvements to improve the overall living standards of those who live there, and refurbishes the houses they buy to a high standard.

All this increases the attractiveness of the suburb to live in, and at the same time increases the value of the homes in those suburbs.

They then sell those homes to investors at well below market value, organize the loan, provide the tenant, guarantee the repayments of 2 years, and the investors profit.

And the local community profits big time too, because of the renaissance created by the newly refurbished homes and community facilities, so everyone wants to live there.

It’s socially conscious real estate investing on steroids. The investor profits, the local residents benefit, and the tenants of the properties benefit.

It’s real and it’s available right now for ordinary investors, or IRA or 401k investors, from a respected US public company.

Leveraging Real Estate Investment Clubs

Real estate has created more millionaires than any other investment on the planet. Real estate investment clubs provide an excellent way to build your network. Clubs vary in type; try to find a club that emphasizes education rather than one that sells products all the time. The price to attend club meetings varies; some are even free the first time you attend. You may want to join more than one club to increase your networking opportunities.

At a local club in our area you can meet wholesalers, real estate agents or brokers, investors, hard-moneylenders, general contractors who specialize in rehabbing, real estate attorneys, accountants, and many other people who are interested in real estate. Their expertise varies, as does the length of time that they have been investing.

At a typical club, you’ll find people like you who have made real estate investing work for them and are eager to share their success. At almost every meeting there are individuals who stand and announce that association members helped “do a deal” and make tens of thousands of dollars.

Finding a real estate club in your area is easy using the Internet. Do a Google search or use to find a club in your state. You may also want to contact clubs when you get ready to travel to a new area. Contact the club, tell them of your travel plans, and have them suggest real estate agents in the area. These agents, who have knowledge of the local areas, will be able to help you find a neighborhood that is experiencing growth. They will help you find properties that meet your criteria. They may know contractors, sub-contractors, rehabbers, or handymen who can provide the necessary repairs. Utilize the contacts you have to build your network in a variety of areas.

Soon you will know people, who know people, who are “key players” in real estate in the area you are interested in visiting. Real estate investment clubs can show their members how to profit in changing times. The associations you make through a club can help you leverage the success of others. Why reinvent the wheel if you can simply emulate the strategies of people in your network? Special breakout sessions for the beginning investor, information on short sales, and lease options, land lording and other topics are often available. These are often available to members at reduced prices. Attendance and participation at one or more of the real estate investment clubs in your area will allow you to network with other investors in the area, will help you build your dream team faster, will broaden your knowledge of real estate investing, and is fun. When time permits volunteer to work for your club-hand out name badges, “meet and greet” first time attendees at the door, help set up booths, make phone calls or type up rosters. All of these activities could help you on the fast track to financial freedom.